Mid Week Meditation

Mid Week Meditation - Auust 6, 2019

Submitted on: August 6, 2019

Based on Biblical Text: Matthew 16:18(NKJV) “And I also say to you thatyou are Peter, andon this rock I will build My church, andthe gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”


Although sometimes it may seem like a contrary spirit is destined to run amok in God’s church, there should be no doubt that Jesus is always present. Jesus is always present, standing in the midst of His church.

The truth of the matter is, Jesus hears what we say, even when we whisper. He hears us when we use our non-verbal forms of communication and when we are talking out of both sides of our mouths.

Jesus is present and sees where we go. He is well aware of who we align ourselves with and knows full well the reasons we align ourselves with the folk we align with. Jesus knows what we are thinking inside, no matter how hard we are smiling on the outside.

When we think of Jesus in our lives and the work we are called to do we need to understand as we avail ourselves for service, Jesus has a greater stake in this ministry than we do. The fact is, Jesus is present to see that the work of God is completed. Make no mistake about it, Jesus knows who the real workers are.

The most significant word in our scripture text is the little two-letter pronoun, “My.” What that is saying to us is that everything from the pulpit to the front door, from the back yard to the front yard, every room, every door, every instrument, every microphone and every computer belongs to Jesus. Jesus says, “I will build “My” church.”

It is all about Jesus! A songwriter penned, “It’s all about Jesus, It’s all about the way he changed our lives; it’s all about Jesus the power of his blood can’t be denied”

Jesus wants us to understand that we need to get our priorities in order. It is not when we get ready, when we feel like it or when we get around to it but rather it is when He needs it. We would do well to understand Jesus needs it now!

“We lift our hearts to him, he is the reason why we sing; it’s all about the way he sets us free, bearing all our sins at Calvary; it’s all about the gift of love he gave; it’s all about Jesus.”

Jesus needs prayer without ceasing, love without condition, praise always and worship continuously. Jesus needs thanksgiving and he needs forgiveness. He needs it now!

We are admonished to check our attitude; this does not belong to us. With that simple pronoun, “My” Jesus is declaring ownership. Jesus is declaring ownership of all the Saints of God who profess Him as Lord. We are all His. He wants us to know, the gold is mine and the silver is mine. We sing but do we understand, “we give Thee but Thine own” “All things Come of Thee”

Jesus is saying to us, “The cattle of a thousand hills is mine” and if you profess to be a member of the household of faith, you belong to me.

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